Our internationally experienced team provides reinsurance solutions to clients in some of the largest insurance markets. Through our client managers, our customers get access to a large range of special expertise in underwriting and risk management. Also, Allianz Re provides access to some dedicated specialist teams as well:

  • Our Expert and Underwriting Services team provide in-depth technical expertise of the major business lines through training, research analysis and product development.
  • Agricultural Reinsurance: Based in Switzerland, our Agriculture team is the Group’s center of competence, working closely with our clients to develop new products and tailored reinsurance support.
  • Nat Cat Management: At Allianz Re, our meteorologists, hydrologists, seismologists, geographers and mathematicians currently model around 50 nat cat scenarios for the Allianz Group, with data captured using best-in-class standards.

Underwriting Expert Services

Employing a range of professional backgrounds like attorneys, economists, engineers, insurance experts and financial analysts, the team is specialized in major business lines, such as Casualty, Property, Engineering and Marine. Always focused on the most sustainable solutions, we service our customers through a comprehensive range of product lines embedded in an international service network.

In alignment with the Allianz Reinsurance mission “understanding risk– creating value”, the Underwriting Expert Services team acts as consultant in exposure related matters and provides technical assistance via research and analysis, innovative product development, risk-assessing techniques and topic-related training for underwriters.

Based on daily contact with the insurance operations of Allianz Group, the Underwriting experts of Allianz Re drive global know-how exchange and underwriting quality management. It is a focus of the Underwriting Expert Services to regularly translate market developments and operational experience into up-to-date Underwriting Rules & Principles. At the same time, the team offers clients technical advice.

Further, the team acts as hands-on consultant for overall reinsurance matters through monitoring emerging risks and evaluating future market opportunities.

In its comprehensive responsibility, the team always sets best-practice and facilitates synergies for the Allianz Group through innovation and collaboration.


Climate change, natural catastrophes and a rising need for food security have spurred the recent growth in agricultural insurance around the globe. In 2009, Allianz Re has set up an agricultural insurance team in its Swiss office whose experts are providing reinsurance cover to clients across the globe.

Nat Cat Management

Demographic shifts, increasing global interdependencies and climate change all play a role in weather-related insurance losses. Such losses have increased 15-fold over the last few decades, implying high risk and volatility for the insurance industry. Mitigating against this requires a distinct catastrophe risk management approach.


Allianz Reinsurance America Inc actively manages legacy liabilities and capital by providing customized reinsurance solutions to create value for both our internal and external clients.