Reinsurance is a 'hidden gem' in recruitment

Allianz Re,  May 12, 2022

"As reinsurers, we have a diverse range of areas that we work on.  And I think some of them are really fascinating.  We deal with a lot of topics that people from the outside would never connect with reinsurance."

Holger Tewes-Kampelmann, CEO, Allianz RE

"The reinsurance industry is one of the most underappreciated industries in the world.  We are so behind the scenes - despite the fact that every year we pay billions of dollars to cover natural catastrophes and all kinds of losses.  We provide financial relief to the economy.  But people just don't know that.  It's about how to promote ourselves and how to make people more aware of our industry."

Kenrick Law, Regional CEO, Allianz Re Asia Pacific


Reproduced with permission of Asia Insuranc Review, May 2022

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