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Allianz Global Reinsurance

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  Portraits of Allianz Re Management Team

Allianz - Portrait of Amer Ahmed wearing a suit and tie

Amer Ahmed

Allianz - Portrait of Jan Stoermann

Jan Stoermann

Allianz - Portrait of Dr Thorsten Dietz

Dr Thorsten Dietz

Allianz - Portrait of Dr Olaf Novak

Olaf Novak

Allianz - Portrait of Floris Wijchman

Floris Wijchman

Allianz - Portrait of Dr Klaus Berge

Dr Klaus Berge

Allianz - Portrait of Holger Tewes-Kampelmann

Holger Tewes-Kampelmann

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Allianz - Allianz Flags
Allianz Logo

Here you find a selection of Allianz SE press photos and film footage available for download. Usage of this material for editorial purposes is free of charge.