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Northeastern US preparing for the storm

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Hurricane Sandy has the Eastern Seabord of the United States on alert. The public transport systems, including the New York City subway, have been shut down as a precaution, airports are minimizing operations, people are stocking up on groceries, schools are remaining closed and so is the New York Stock Exchange.

Allianz Re
Singapore, Oct 29, 2012


Hurricane Sandy is probably one of the last hurricanes of this season, but it has already caused major damage in Cuba and Haiti – leaving more than 60 people dead - and it is now heading towards the northeastern coast of the US. New York, Virgina, Delaware and Maryland are expecting Sandy to hit land late on Monday local time. In addition to high winds, the region faces a potentially high flood surge on the coast as well as heavy rains and snows farther inland.

“This year has so far been rather moderate for major natural catastrophes,” says Clement B. Booth, Member of the Board of Management of Allianz SE. “Unlike 2011, which saw the Japan and New Zealand earthquakes, this year has so far not seen an event of such magnitude. As an insurer, I would like it to stay that way. As an individual with many friends in the region, my thoughts are with everyone facing the storm.”

Meteorologists have been watching Sandy for over a week and their predictions for when and with which force it will hit land, have become more precise.

“We are impressed by the large amount of preparation that is being done in the US,” says Booth. “With a hurricane, which can be predicted, a lot can be done ahead of time to minimize the damage. We encourage our clients to take precautions. After all, when you are up against a major natural force, precautions may save lives.”

Though it has not yet done any damage in the US, Sandy has already disrupted the lives of people along the east coast. Offices, including those of Allianz, are remaining closed on Monday, as people stay home or leave the area. Insurance claims teams have been organized and are prepared to go into action.

“The most important thing right now is for people to stay safe,” says Booth.



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