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Allianz is active in many areas to secure the supply of food worldwide. Its commitments include innovative insurance solutions and early-warning technology in countries where agriculture is especially important.

Allianz Re
Singapore, May 09, 2012


Already in 2009, the reinsurance arm Allianz Re established an agricultural insurance team in Zurich to provide cover to customers all over the world. In connection with this, Allianz worked together with the Swiss software company Sarmap to further develop its satellite-based remote-sensing technology. This has enabled a significant boost in efficiency as well as the introduction of crop insurance in developing countries.

In addition, for years Allianz has been insuring farmers in many of the countries where it is active. In Germany it is one of the market leaders in this sector. The industrial insurer Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty also insures numerous food and drink producers.

New technologies

In many countries, wide segments of the population depend on agriculture to survive, and it is in those places where droughts and floods have the most drastic effects. Allianz works with several public private partnerships to handle these challenges.

For example, in early 2012 Allianz Re became a partner in Remote Sensing-Based Information and Insurance for Crops in Emerging Economies (RIICE). This program works to enable early and better predictions of rice crop potentials in Asia and thus better catastrophe management. A core part of this project is the establishment of an early-warning system through satellite technology in order to provide independent and transparent information about possible crop failures to developing countries.

Sustainability at Allianz

Allianz is a constant supporter of the public discussion about food security. It takes clear positions on climate change, which has a direct effect on the success or failure of crops, and is also strongly committed in the area of demographic change. Among other measures, it promotes the information flow on this and many other current socially relevant topics through its online platform "Allianz Knowledge".

Food security will remain one of the biggest challenges worldwide, and Allianz will continue to work hard to find solutions for the future.


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As with all content published on this site, these statements are subject to our Forward Looking Statement disclaimer.