Global Agriculture

A leading reinsurer in Agriculture

Climate change, natural catastrophes and a rising need for food security have spurred the recent growth in agricultural insurance around the globe. In 2009, Allianz Re established an agricultural reinsurance team in Switzerland, whose experts provide reinsurance to clients across the globe.

Crop Insurance

Global trends increase the importance of agricultural reinsurance

With the global population passing seven billion, the need to secure food production has become more important than ever before. Competition on food resources has increased, while arable land is shrinking and global food commodity prices are rising. An increase in the frequency and severity of natural catastrophes has led to a growing demand to mitigate the risks farmers face, and help them better react to unforeseen events.

Crop Insurance - in particular multi-peril corp insurance - is an important tool to respond to these requirements both from an individual farmers' as well as from national and global perspectives.

Agricultural insurance market worldwide

The Allianz agriculture portfolio is underwritten worldwide, with underwriting capacity provided to both mature and emerging markets. Key clients are often semi-governmental organizations such as agriculture insurers acting in a public-private partnership. We also work with private companies either as specialized monoliners or as multiline companies.

Innovations in risk assessment

Allianz Re's agriculture team is developing a new crop insurance approach around remote sensing technologies.

Risk Appetite

Within Agriculture, Allianz writes the subclasses crop, forestry, livestock, aquaculture and bloodstock.