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The Allianz Group is a global financial services provider with services predominantly in the insurance and asset management business. Over 100 million customers in more than 70 countries rely on our knowledge, global presence, financial strength and solidity. In fiscal year 2020 over 150,000 employees worldwide achieved total revenues of about 140 billon euros and an operating profit of 10.8 billion euros.

Beyond the quality of our financial performance, a number of other activities and factors are important for the sustainable growth of our business and company value. These include, but are not limited to, our broad-based portfolio and global reach, our focus on customer needs, our value-based management approach and the skills and professionalism of our employees.

Allianz Re is the reinsurance arm of the Allianz Group. Headquartered in Munich, Germany, Allianz Re has offices located close to key markets in Ireland, Singapore, Switzerland and the United States, tailoring reinsurance solutions to the diverse business needs of customers worldwide. As a global organization, we bring together a team of international experts in both the underwriting and risk management fields; combining global and local market expertise and multi-segment know-how.

Backed by Allianz' strong capital base and a well-diversified portfolio, Allianz Re offers secure capacity and world-class technical capabilities. Our capacity and knowledge protect our clients against financial losses, help them meet regulatory requirements and contribute to keeping them competitive.

This combination of skills, capacity and security is at the core of our mission Understanding Risk - Creating Value

Our Business Structure

Understanding Risk - Creating Value

Build strong relationships with our clients across all business lines

Allianz Reinsurance

Our client and business strategy

  • Aiming to develop a stable and sustainable portfolio on the basis of long-term client relationships
  • Providing great security and a consistent underwriting approach to defined customer and market segments

We share these strengths with our clients through

  • Global reach with regional teams and language capabilities
  • Tailored solutions with substantial capacity
  • Extensive technical capabilities and analytics
  • Access to other Allianz Group capabilities and entities
  • Sharing knowledge & expertise
  • Allianz SE's First Class Security (AA rating from S&P), Allianz Re Dublin dac and Allianz Reinsurance America, Inc (AA- rating from S&P)

A Key Partner

Build strong relationships with our clients across all business lines

Highly Experience and Diverse Staff

We are a highly experienced and diverse community representing 37 countries.

51% of all our employees are female and 36% of our executive positions are

held by women.

On average our employees have a tehure of 12 years with Allianz.

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