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About our Switzerland office

Switzerland has become an increasingly important location for reinsurers and can be considered one of Europe’s central reinsurance hubs. Allianz Re established its own office in Switzerland in 2007 with a focus on open market clients.

Underwriting and Special Expertise

Disciplined underwriting driven by profitability and sustainability form the basis for a successful business model. The focus lies on a holistic approach towards current and potentially new clients, with whom we want to build long-lasting relationships.

Our branch in Switzerland further provides special expertise in Agricultural Reinsurance internationally:

Crop, forestry and livestock insurance are established product lines in the main production areas around the globe. Aquaculture, pet and equine insurance are still rather the exception in most markets. Allianz Re’s agriculture expert team is based in Switzerland and aims to provide solutions on risk transfer for the most catastrophic production risks with a view to make efficient use of human resources and risk adjusted capital.

Visitors Address

Allianz SE Reinsurance Branch Switzerland
Richtiplatz 1
CH-8304 Wallisellen
Phone: +41 44 285 9595

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